Class 3 Tentative Assessment Letter

PARID: Tax Class:


Valuation Date 1/2/2018 Valuation Date 1/2/2019 Change from 1/2/2018
Full Market Value:
Level of Assessment: --
Tentative Assessed Value:

The Full Market Value figure shown, as of 1/2/19, does not take into consideration any potential change in value that is currently being considered by the Assessment Review Commission (ARC). Should ARC reduce the assessed value for this property, they will provide the owner or the owner's representative with a written settlement.

  • Full Market Value is the estimate of your property's market value as of January 2, 2019.
  • Level of Assessment is the percentage of Full Market Value at which properties are assessed as determined by the Department of Assessment. For tax years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, the class two and four Level of Assessment is 1% (.01).
  • Tentative Assessed Value (TAV) is calculated using your property's Full Market Value multiplied by the applicable Level of Assessment. (Example: A Full Market Value of $1,000,000 x .01 = 10,000 in TAV).
  • SPECIAL NOTICE: As provided in Local Law 13-2018 passed by the County Legislature and approved by the County Executive, a property owner may in writing opt out of the requirement to receive this notice in the mail. You may direct the County to stop mailing this annual notice to you online on our website at Property owners will still be able to view their property's assessed value and annual notice on our website at