Nassau County Office of Housing

Payment Standard Lookup


Nassau County's payment standards vary by census tract. This provides voucher holders with an enhanced ability to locate affordable housing in designated areas.

  • Tenant: Enter the address and the number of bedrooms for your Housing Choice Voucher size to see what you can afford in that area.
  • Landlord: Enter the address and the number of bedrooms of your rental to see what the unit may rent for with a Housing Choice Voucher.


The payment standard above assumes that all utilities are covered by the landlord. If any utilities are covered by the tenant, this number may be lower.
Choosing to rent above the payment standard may result in you paying more than 30% of your monthly income towards rent and utilities.
These numbers are a guideline. We will not be able to tell you exactly what you can afford until we determine the type of building and verify the bedroom size of the unit. An inspection will be conducted before the unit can be approved.

We will review the rental to make sure:

  1. The rent and utilities are affordable for you.
  2. The rent the owner is charging is fair compared to other units in the area.