Stop Gov. Kathy Hochul From Destroying LI Suburbs

Governor Hochul and radical Albany Democrats' "War on the Suburbia" continues. On the heels of their Cashless Bail and Criminal Justice reforms that have already made our communities less safe, soon thousands of apartments will be flooding your neighborhood (and dozens on your street) if Governor Kathy Hochul has her way.

Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed 2022 New York State Budget includes a provision that would effectively eliminate single-family home zoning across New York State. Buried within her Budget, this plan would require that towns, villages and cities allow apartments to be constructed within any single family house - and even a new free-standing apartment on the property - for anyone that wants one.

We can’t let that happen to our suburbs!

From overcrowding classrooms, endangering the safety of communities, straining public safety, sanitation, traffic, and utility resources to destroying the environment and increasing the carbon footprint, Governor Hochul’s policy directly threatens LI's quality of life and will turn our neighborhoods into the overcrowded urban centers that most residents fled from in order to live here. Furthermore, Long Island’s middle class families and seniors will bear the burden of this proposal and be forced to pay even higher taxes as a result.

Sign this petition and join the Majority Caucus of the Legislature in demanding that Governor Hochul remove her proposal to eliminate single family homes and urbanize Long Island neighborhoods. We’re counting on you to Save our Suburbs!

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