Tell Governor Hochul her High Density Housing Plan Doesn’t Work for Long Island!

In this year’s State of the State, Governor Hochul introduced her latest attack on our suburban way of life, and Long Island in particular, by mandating that all areas within a half mile of a train station be rezoned for high density housing, with a minimum of 50 units per acre. If enacted, the Governor’s plan would abolish local zoning control designed to regulate development projects, instead appointing her own board of Albany bureaucrats to determine what is best for Long Island. On top of this, her mandate would prohibit any restrictions on height, property line setbacks, lot coverage or minimum parking space requirements, and does not allow for any consideration of affects to traffic, schools, noise, air quality, water or other environmental impacts.

This reckless plan will stress Long Island’s fragile sole source aquifer for drinking water and will overcrowd our schools. Critical infrastructure and services will be strained, from sewer treatment to our roads, utilities as well as our fire and police services. Further, it will increase taxes to pay for more students and services demanded by a larger population.

Most importantly, it takes away our voice on local zoning, instead giving it to Albany bureaucrats.

This plan needs to be stopped! Please sign my petition below to tell Governor Hochul to abandon her ill-conceived high density housing plan.

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