Tell the MTA that Congestion Pricing Hurts Suburban Commuters!

Albany Dems Congestion Pricing Costs Nassau Commuters $800 a Month

The MTA has released an environmental impact study of the proposed Congestion Pricing Plan that would affect drivers entering Manhattan below 60th Street. The analysis suggests tolls could be as high as $23 dollars for drivers in cars ($34.50 if they don’t have an EZPASS), and $82 for trucks. For an average driver going to the office 5 days a week, you can expect to pay over $800 a month! These tolls will also affect deliveries, taxis, and ride share vehicles, as well as those who are already paying a bridge or tunnel toll.

While the stated goal of the plan is to reduce traffic and fund NYC public transit, in reality, congestion pricing acts as a $1 billion a year commuter tax for suburban drivers who need to travel to New York City for work, medical appointments, or various cultural institutions.

Nassau is already one of the highest taxed counties in the nation and with inflation and gas prices continuing to soar, we do not need this added tax for going to work or visiting the city. LIRR train tickets are also outrageously high, forcing commuters who choose to take the train to pay an exorbitant amount as well, just for living on Long Island.

Further, with crime running rampant in the City, commuters don’t feel safe getting on a subway or public transit, and driving has been seen as the only safe alternative to get to work and make a living. Numerous people have been pushed in front of trains, including in acts of Hate Crimes. Incidents on the subway, including the shooting in Sunset Park earlier in the year, have brought the subway’s lack of safety to the forefront. By essentially forcing the use of subways, the MTA is insisting commuters continually put their lives at risk.

Albany lawmakers need to stop making it impossible for residents in the suburbs to survive. We are being taxed out of New York and this commuter tax is just the latest in Albany’s attack on our way of life. Sign my petition and tell the MTA to rethink congestion pricing!

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