Tell Laura Curran to Support Public Safety and Keep ICE at the Correctional Center

Dear County Executive Curran,

We the undersigned residents of Nassau County demand that you stop putting political correctness before public safety and keep the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) unit of our United States Department of Homeland Security at the Nassau County Correctional Center and ensure that all units of Nassau County law enforcement are encouraged to FULLY COOPERATE with that department's lawful efforts to keep Nassau County residents safe.

With the increase of violent gang activity by deadly groups like MS-13 which have spread across national borders into Nassau County, and with the increase in related drug activity in the midst of our ongoing fight to combat a growing opioid crisis in our own neighborhoods, the continued presence of ICE agents at the Correctional Center is vital. For 20 years, ICE's access to the County's inmate population has produced valuable intelligence on gang and drug activity and has fostered the free exchange of information between federal, state and County law enforcement which, now more than ever, is absolutely essential. It is your job as County Executive to promote such a relationship - not destroy it.

Please act in the interests of ALL Nassau County residents and take immediate steps to find a PERMANENT home for ICE at the Nassau County Correctional Center.

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