Nassau County Board of Elections

Early Voting Test

1.) During early voting what items should NOT go back inside of the blue bin at the end of the day?
  • Unused Ballot Paper
  • Orange affidavit bag
  • Green emergency/unscanned bag
  • White paperwork binder
2.) What time should inspectors be at their site during early voting?
  • 1 hour before opening
  • 30 minutes before opening
  • 45 minutes before opening
  • 15 minutes before opening
3.) During Early voting is it ok to borrow ballot paper from another table?
  • Yes
  • No
4.) During early voting who should be opening and closing the DS200?
  • Site Manager
  • Inspectors
5.) During early voting who should all problems be filtered through to call the Board of Elections?
  • Site Manager
  • Inspectors
6.) At the end of the night where should all paperwork and white binder go?
  • Locked in print tower
  • In the blue supply bag
  • In the yellow absentee ballot bag
  • Brought back by site manager and handing to a board of Elections worker
7.) What is something we never do during early voting?
  • Use ballot paper as scrap paper
  • Press close polls
  • Place red data bag in Blue Supply Bag
  • All of the above
8.) What do you NOT do if a voter's name is not on the poll pad?
  • Ask them their name again to make sure you entered it correctly with the first three letters of the last name and first three letters of the first name
  • Give them an affidavit ballot
  • Call the BOE to check if they have the voter in the system
  • Tell them they can't vote and to go home
9.) If the automark is not working, an inspector may be asked to:
  • Help the Site Manager from the other party to assist the voter
  • Get another inspector and bipartisanly assist the voter
  • fill out the ballot for voter and stick in the DS200
  • A or B
10.) Are inspectors allowed to look up voters if the person is not standing in front of them?
  • Yes
  • No
11.) If a voter comes up in the poll pad as "Absentee Issued," what options does the inspector offer?
  • Tell them to go home and get their absentee ballot because they can't vote at the poll site
  • Explain that they can vote by affidavit, and if they want to be removed from absentee ballot "permanent status" offer them the paperwork to fill out found in the white paperwork binder
  • Give them a ballot and tell them to write a note on the back explaining why they didn't fill out their absentee
12.) What do you do when a voter is checking in and has someone with them to assist them?
  • Nothing. They are probably related, so I don't have to do anything.
  • Speak directly to the voter. When they indicate that the person is there to assist them tap, on the box that says assistance required on the inspector's initial screen. Type in their name and address, and have the assister read the oath and sign the poll pad.
  • Write their name on the inspector's remarks