Nassau County Health Department
Food Service Establishment Inspections

Facility Code Establishment Name Address City Zip Code Municipality Inspection Date Total Critical Violations  Total Non-Critical Violations  Items TotalNone
Critical Violations are conditions which lead to foodborne illness and must be immediately corrected.
Non-Critical Violations are related to facility design, maintenance and cleanliness.
This dataset is refreshed on a monthly basis. Requests for more detailed information or actual copies of inspection reports should be directed to the local health department or State District Office which conducted the inspections in question. Active food service establishments include only establishments that are currently operating. Some counties provide this information on their own websites and information found there may be more frequently updated. More detailed information can be obtained directly from each local health department through the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) process. Historical inspection data through 2005 is also available. Inactive (closed) establishments can be found at: