Nassau County Legislature District 1 - Kevan Abrahams

Heeling Soles, Inc. COME IN UNITY - 2023 (Come in Unity) Family Fun Day

June 10th, 2023
1pm – 5 pm
(set up begins 11 am)
Uniondale Ave Park
710 Uniondale Ave.

This free event is made possible by the generous sponsorship of – Heeling Soles, Inc.
Vendor Registration is must provide your own table & chairs.
No selling is permitted....
No political solicitation…

This event is about family, friends, neighbors, agencies, businesses, schools & your local representatives coming together to enjoy a fun day filled with singing, music, games, face painting, prizes, and an old fashion "cookout" and lots of free items to give away. We are supported by Uniondale FD, Uniondale SD, NCPD, TOH and many others. We invite health care vendors, community organizations, local businesses, and a variety of other vendors with important information to benefit & empower the community. This demonstrates our way of giving back to the community in which we live, serve and love. This event is intended on heighten the sense of community in our neighborhoods.

*Vendors must register to participate in the event.

Please Fill Out The Information Below
If you have any question, concerns or cancellations, please call the office at 516-571-2455.
The organizers, sponsors or donors of this event are not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items/property. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The following items are strictly prohibited at any County Events and may not be sold, offered for sale, exchanged, or given away: any goods, services or content that violates the law or legal rights of others, weapons, including firearms, ammunition, explosives and dangerous instruments of any kind, toxic or hazardous materials, alcohol, illegal or controlled substances, indecent materials, pets or animals of any kind, cannabis and cannabis related products (including edibles and other food-related products) vapes and vape related products, tobacco and any recalled items ( or The organizers of the event reserve the right to refuse or remove any items, by the proper authority that do not adhere to the foregoing restrictions. SELLING OF ANY GOODS & SERVICES IS PROHIBITED