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Online Job & Veterans Fair 2020

For additional information call 516-571-6201 - fax 516-571-6187 or email LD1-events@nassaucountyny.gov


  • Companies participating will actively recruit for existing or future vacancies
  • Companies will make reasonable effort to interview participating applicants for job openings
  • Companies will make every effort to accept applications
  • Companies who receive resumes for their own use are prohibited from forwarding the resumes to any other company without authorization from the applicant

***All registrations approved by Sept 14th will be mentioned in our final Job Fair Press Release

Upon submittal of this form, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your request. A second email will be sent to all approved participants.

If you have any questions, need information about the job fair, or know another business that would like to participate, please contact the following persons:

Sharon Gripper 516-571-2455 sgripper@nassaucountyny.gov
Gabrielle Brooks 516-571-2455 gbrooks@nassaucountyny.gov
Robin Wheat 516-571-2455 rwheat@nassaucountyny.gov

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Nassau County is not responsible for any employment decisions. That is solely the responsibility of the employer and the job seeker.
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